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Congratulations, you have reached an ending to the story! Or you're cheating in true Choose Your Own Adventure style by flipping through the journal to see what you've missed, and this entry was right at the top.

Either way, have you tried:

Continuing to explore after speaking with Karkat (or, alternately, before doing so)?
Speaking with Eridan last of the three available trolls (or earlier)?
Breaking out of the available options to explore the journal itself to find easter egg posts left over from a deleted storyline?

On behalf of Team Aradia♥Equius, thank you for playing through and we hope you enjoyed! Commenting is open on every part, so if there's a bit you liked we'd love to hear it.
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You could tell him, but it would be so much more entertaining for both of you to show him.

So you decide to do that instead
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You're happy enough to do so.

You kiss him gently, careful not to nick your lips on his jagged broken fangs. You wrap your arms around him, trying to offer comfort in the embrace, though he holds himself still and shaking as he always does-- terrified of hurting you with his strength.

You bump your forehead against his when you pull away, touch his cheek gently, and say, "Try to have a little more faith in me, okay? Can't you believe, even for a second, that I'm not about to flip-flop? I want this change to last as much as you do, Equius."

He sighs, his body slowly relaxing beneath your touch. "I do try, Aradia. It will be easier if you refrain from making such tasteless jokes."

You laugh and kiss him once more, quickly. "Okay, you try to do your part, and I'll try to do that. But if I slip up, try to tell if I'm using my teasing voice. I like to think it's a lot different from my 'I sincerely want us to be caught in a black romance' voice!"

You know this won't be the end. You never would have guessed he could be so nervous about romance, not when he and Nepeta had and continue to have the most stable relationship out of everyone you know! But he always seems to think that at any second everything you feel for him will melt away like flesh left too long in the sun.

But you're willing to wait however long it takes for those expectations to change, or fade away. Much to your own surprise, you've realized he's well worth it. And you plan on seeing this relationship through until the


Have you tried...
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"Just a friend, Equius? Really?" you ask, coming closer. He begins to shift uneasily, sweat beading on his forehead (and everywhere else) as you get nearer.

"You should sound more grateful about that. There are few highbloods who would admit to feeling so kindly towards one as low as you," he tries sticking to his word, though his voice is wavering.

"I have plenty of highblooded friends, Equius. I have the highestblooded friend of all, when she has time to get away from feeding her lusus to talk! Do you really think you're just the same as them?" You prod him in the chest a few times to punctuate your words, though it bruises your finger to do so.

"Of course. What else would we be."

You roll your eyes and shake your head despairingly. "And you would just run out to the middle of nowhere on no notice for just any friend, would you? You and I both know that's not true, Equius. Tell me the truth, Equius." You firm your voice, turn it into a command, "Tell me!"

He seems to literally go weak in the knees at your tone for a moment, but when you try poking him again he grabs your wrist in a loose but unbreakable grip. "I will not do this, Aradia?"

You can hardly believe how disappointed you feel at his words. "You really can't manage one little confession just because my blood is red? Are you that much of a coward?"

"I will not accept a black relationship with you. I will not allow you to goad me into one. Better that we both accept that we are friends instead."

Oh. Oh.

Suddenly things start to make a little more sense.

"Did you really think that's what I wanted?" His head had been drooping but now it shoots up, his eyes (or at least his shades) meeting yours. "I don't want that either, Equius. But we can have a different type of relationship, if you can admit that you want it. Will you?"

"Aradia, you... I... you are..." he stammers on, sweating until he's streaming with it. You can already tell it's going to take quite a while for him to spit the confession you hope is coming out, but you can be patient. For something like this you're fully willing to wait until his nervousness comes to an


Have you tried...
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Look, there is no way you'll be able to get that glow off your mind; as long as it's there, it's going to nag at you until you you figure out what it is.

Even though it'll make your expedition significantly longer, it wouldn't hurt to go and take a look anyway.


Aug. 4th, 2012 11:32 pm
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AA: s0metimes i dream that ive never died in the first place
AA: it feels very surreal and i usually believe it
AA: i remember every s0und
AA: the c0nversati0ns i have on tr0llian
AA: the sights and the expl0rati0n
AA: and whenever i t0uch s0mething that is related t0 y0u
AA: everything gets blurry

CT: D--> Is that so
CT: D--> Maybe this is some sort of offshoot from a regular optical aberration

AA: 0_0
AA: what is an 0ptical aberrati0n

CT: D--> Optical aberrations require too much work to properly define
CT: D--> Please stay put, Aradia
CT: D--> I am coming over to fix your optics

AA: alright then
AA: i will be waiting f0r y0u

-- centaursTesticle [CT]
ceased trolling apocalypseArisen [AA] --

Sometimes you have to remember that these are not your real memories, and that this robot is prone to conjuring up its own.

Equius is right. It's just an optical aberration, whatever that is.


Have you tried...
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No, you're not in the mood to talk to any of the people who are on now. Better get back to work instead.

Continue exploring
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You turn on your heel and begin to run, but apparently you are too slow. Rocks and debris come falling onto the path you took to reach the device, and you back away before you can get crushed by any of it.

It seems you are trapped in this place, with this strange thing. Maybe you should have heeded to Equius's warning and went to the heart of the city instead.

You turn around to face the device again. Surprisingly, you are not scared; not frightened. You reach for it again and your fingers touch the smooth surface.

Your sight becomes blurry.

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It's really starting to struggle its way out of the cocoon now. You want to help but know that you shouldn't unless it seems like it won't make it on its own--and even then you shouldn't if you were really taking the place of a lusus, getting out being the last trial a troll went through in the brooding caverns to prove it deserved a chance at life--it's important that they make use of their newly-formed muscles, the struggle teaching them how to use their legs and arms.

Its blood is pear-green, you learn when more of its body breaks out and you get a good look at the goop coating it, a bright and cheerful color. It's a girl, her body slight but that was expected when she hadn't eaten anything since spinning her cocoon. Her hair was short, a matted mess, tangled around her branching horns.

Unable to think of anything else to do you dig a loaf of bread out of your handy bag of supplies, pressing a bit to her mouth when she doesn't seem to know what to do after taking it. As soon as she realizes what you're trying to get her to do she starts eating ravenously. It's not much, but it will buy time for you to get her to your camp where you can set her loose on your supplies. Even though she's made it out this is still a dangerous point in her life; she'll need to eat an incredible amount over the next day or two to make up for the time she spent going hungry.

"You can't mean to keep her," Equius says as you lift her into your arms.

"What else can I do?" you ask, a tinge of hopelessness in your voice. Getting saddled with a little girl isn't something you'd have chosen for yourself either. Will you be able to keep up your explorations with a freshly-limbed child tagging along? "She won't take a lusus now."

"Yes, but the law is very clear on what must be done to a child without a lusus..." he starts, only to trail off. Anyone who didn't know him well would say he looked as impassive as ever, but you can tell that he doesn't actually want to suggest that you cull the little thing.

"Nobody knows what the law is now," you tell him firmly. "Everything's changing. Nobody's going to kill her and risk making Feferi angry when they don't know what she might end up doing once she takes her throne." You stroke the girl's hair, trying to untangle it a little with your fingers. "Humans can do this, Equius. Humans only do it this way. If they can, we can. Or are you saying we're less capable than them?"

"...We?" he asks, and your heart stutters.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have presumed. Of course, if you want nothing to do with her I won't try to make you help. If I need assistance I'll try asking Sollux instead, it's probably fits more under moirail territory any--"

"I would gladly remain with you as you care for her," he cuts in, "if you would wish for me to remain near for as many sweeps as that would take."

"I--" you start, than pause. This is something you should think over carefully, you know, because you know that he'll take your answer very seriously. But you find that don't really need to spend much time considering it at all. "Yes, Equius. Let's be parents."

The human word feels strange in your mouth, as strange as the feeling of the child snuggling into your shoulder. But his hand linking with yours when you reach out towards it seems entirely right, and his strength at your side leaves you hopefully suspecting that this strange new undertaking will turn out right in the


Have you tried...


Aug. 4th, 2012 10:46 pm
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That is not good.

Make a run for it.
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You are absolutely determined to figure out what this strange contraption is, Equius's warnings or not. You begin to descend the slope leading to the device.

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You hesitate, not wanting to pull away, and that hesitation proves to be a second too long; a section of the cocoon splits away from one bright eye, and it seeks you out immediately.

A young troll fresh out of wigglerhood bounds to the first creature that it sees. They would never trust their lusus the way they must to survive otherwise, not with the terrors of the trials they had to go through as wigglers not only still fresh in their mind but as the only thing they had to obsess over during the weeks they spent in their cocoon.

"Hello," you say weakly, realizing that in your desire to watch what happens from close up for just a tiny bit longer you've just messed things up to a ridiculous extent.

There's a muffled sound from inside, but at the end you can just make out a "--lo" mimicked back at you.

You hear something screeching overhead and start, staring up. A lusus breaks away from the ceiling, still screeching angrily, and swoops down at you. Its claws rake your cheek once, still mindful enough of the child that's now lost to it to only shallowly cut you instead of risking real harm to the one who would apparently be minding its charge, then it flapped its way deeper into the caverns.

"Aradia," Equius says in a hushed, stunned, voice, "what have you done?"

"I don't know," you admit.

See what happens


Aug. 4th, 2012 10:20 pm
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It's much bigger in person, you admit.

There don't seem to be any openings or doors that would allow you inside the thing. Maybe you should prod at it a little?
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But you sigh and pull yourself away. He was right, of course. A child needs their lusus, and things would quickly go wrong if it didn't see its guardian as soon as it emerged.

It turns out that you don't need to search at all. As soon as you've walked almost out of sight you hear a flapping behind you, and when you turn you see a white shape flapping down to the cocoon on leathery wings. It hisses towards the two of you when it realizes you've stopped, but doesn't leave its charge.

It hardly takes any time at all before the child emerges, a girl with matted tangled hair and the dampness clinging to her body faintly pear-colored from a distance. Her eyes meet her lusus' and she coos adoringly. She only looks curiously towards you once before getting up on unsteady feet and toddling after its lusus into a deeper section of the caves.

It's a sight that almost no troll is ever in a position to see. You wonder what will become of the child. You wonder if you'll ever see her again before the


Have you tried...


Aug. 4th, 2012 09:49 pm
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Although your city is awfully exciting, you've always liked expeditions underground the best and are happy to turn your attentions there for a little while. There's always a comfort in knowing that you don't need to keep yourself from getting so caught up in a discovery that you don't notice time passing, because you won't suddenly find yourself burning in the sun.

Unfortunately, for a good long while this looks like nothing more than just empty caves. Nepeta might be interested if she ever feels like moving into a larger home, but uninteresting aside from that. But just when you're willing to give up on finding anything interesting, you make the most incredible discovery of your career.

"Oh my goodness, Equius," you say, crouching down beside a large cocoon attached to a stalagmite. "Equius, we're near the brooding chambers. I can't believe it; this must have been one of the very first wigglers laid after the world was restored to be metamorphosing already."

"Aradia, you should move away from there," he said, looking clearly uncomfortable. "You would not want to disturb it."

"It's fine," you say, waving off his concern. It's such an amazing thing; the threads wigglers spin to form their cocoons are one of the only bodily secretions your kind make that aren't colored the same shade as your blood. The child within could be from any rung of the hemospectrum, any fate from the lowest to the highest could be waiting for it and you wouldn't be able to tell.

Of course, hopefully it wouldn't be long before the attitudes of the world were changed enough that anyone could reach the highest peaks of society.

You're gently brushing your fingers against the surface of the cocoon when suddenly something pushes back, a small hand gradually working its way out to grab at your fingers while you stand frozen. Behind your Equius gasps.

"Aradia! We must have frightened away the lusus which chose it when we arrived. We must find it before it emerges!"

"Must we really?" you ask, brushing your thumb across the tiny fingers that clutch at you. It couldn't hurt to stay just a little longer and see what happens, could it? There should still be time before you need to get away before it can see you.

You can:

Search for the lusus.
or Stay where you are.
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You don't often take your god tier form since leaving the game; it seems to grow weaker every time you need to use it, and who knows how long it might be before you lose your powers all together outside of the game? But if you're going down you'll need your wings, and so they appear.

You dive down. And down. And still further down before you finally reach the ground. You find yourself in a massive chamber of a cave, landing gently beside Equius. "You've managed to discover something I had no idea about!" you say cheerfully, but it quickly gives way to a rueful smile. "I'm sorry I didn't remember that the floor was weak before leading you here."

"You have done nothing wrong, Aradia. I do not expect others to continuously think of my ludicrous strength," he says, and rubs the back of his head as if embarrassed. "I am the one who should have been more aware of myself."

"Well, there's no harm done," you say, then turn your attention back to the area around you. "And now we have a whole new area to explore!"


What now??

Aug. 4th, 2012 08:57 pm
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It's pretty obvious that Equius is somehow related to this. You quickly pull out your crosbytop computer and open up trollian. It wouldn't hurt to ask him about this before you ventured closer to it.

-- apocalypseArisen [AA] began trolling centaursTesticle [CT] --

AA: equius are y0u there
CT: D--> Yes I am
CT: D--> Is there some sort of problem

AA: yes there is
AA: i am 0ut expl0ring s0me ancient ruins i f0und earlier

CT: D--> I do not see how that could possibly pertain to me
AA: but it d0es
AA: surprisingly
AA: 0_0

CT: D--> What are you trying to say, lowb100d
CT: D--> I mean Aradia

AA: there is s0mething am0ng these ruins
AA: huge and d0me shaped and its gl0wing
AA: like its still functi0ning
AA: and it has y0ur symb0l 0n it

CT: D--> Dome shaped and glowing, you say
AA: yes
CT: D--> It would be wise of you not to touch it, Aradia
CT: D--> I command you to stay away from it



Aug. 4th, 2012 07:39 pm
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AA: why cant i t0uch it
AA: its pr0bably harmless if its d0wn here with the rest 0f these ruins

CT: D--> While that may be true, I also must confess that I was not aware of the existence of the strange item you have stumbled upon
CT: D--> And since I do not have any knowledge on this it would be a good idea to simply ignore the device
CT: D--> Which you will do right now, because I have said so

AA: n0t in a milli0n years i will
AA: im g0ing in t0 see what this thing is

CT: D--> Aradia, no
CT: D--> Cease this f001ishness at once

AA: ill see y0u later equius

-- apocalypseArisen [AA] ceased trolling centaursTesticle [CT] --

CT: D--> Lowb100d this is a very bad decision
CT: D--> Refrain from touching that device

You close your crosbytop and ignore the oncoming messages.

It's time to approach this thing.
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There is absolutely nothing that can quell your appetite for new discoveries. With a hike of your skirt and a determined tip of your head, you begin walking towards the odd glow.

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